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Power Washing, Pressure Washing & Soft Washing – What's The Difference?

It can be confusing as a homeowner and consumer to try to make sense of what services you should be getting for your home. You want to be proactive about getting the best care, but it seems only a professional working in the industry can make sense of the various jargon associated with it. When it comes to addressing the service needs for the exterior of your home, it is a good idea to understand the similarities and differences between terms like power washing, pressure washing and soft washing.

What Should You Be Asking For When it Comes to House Washing?

You want the outside of your Raleigh home clean, but are not sure exactly which service you should be getting. Here is some helpful information that will assist you in making sense of it all.

Power washing is generally the term used for the highest velocity of water. The main difference is that power washing is usually the correct term for exterior cleaning that uses heated water.

Pressure washing is commonly terminology for when you want a milder form of wash and the water is not heated. However, you should certainly make sure the professional you hire plans to use the appropriate velocity, based on the part of your home being cleaned.

Soft wash is the newest term and the service that should be implemented when cleaning your roofing. Roof cleaning should not involve power or pressure washing. This higher pressurized water can damage your shingles and cause water to become trapped in pockets under your roofing. This leads to mildew, mold and, eventually, rot.

The bottom line is that modern practices for your exterior cleaning should be based on the area being cleaned. It is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach, as was once used for power washing everything from the roof to the siding to the driveway. Make it a point to only work with a professional who uses different tactics for various surfaces.

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Why Choose Elephant Exterior Cleaning Inc.

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Make Wise Choices for Your Home

At Elephant Exterior Cleaning Inc., the soft wash system we utilize is our Zero Pressure Roof Cleaning. We let the cleaning soaps work their magic, and then use a gentle rinse to wash it clean. This is a safe but effective approach to getting your house cleaning done.

We don't treat your delicate roofing system with the same aggressive cleaning techniques used for the driveway – it just wouldn't make sense. As true industry experts, our main concern is providing service excellence, quality results and customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have, or to go ahead and set up exterior cleaning or roof cleaning service.

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