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You Don't Have To Give Up Your Porch Or Have It Rebuilt, Just Let Us Address Your Need For Screen Porch Restoration Services

Screen Porch RestorationHaving a screened in porch provides you with a type of outdoor living space, without direct exposure to the elements – especially the bugs. Yet, over time, that porch can become rundown and you need to be able to update, upgrade and restore your porch back to good as new, if not better, condition. Elephant Exterior Cleaning Inc. is just the company to call on for this type of work.

We find that families tend to stop using their attached outdoor living space, simply because it has succumbed to the elements, as well as the natural aging process. While maintenance along the way can help slow this process, with enough time, it is inevitable. The good news is that you don't have to give up on the porch or have it completely rebuilt, just let our pros address your need for screen porch restoration services.

We Remove & Replace Screens and Trim for Screen Porches

What most homeowners inquire about, is what exactly the restoration process entails. Consider this a brief overview, but realize the actual full scale job is much more extensive than this:

The foundation, ceiling and support system of your porch is made up of wood, wood which has been exposed to the elements for years now. We can make repairs to existing wood, replace areas that have rotted and then finish or paint the wood. This will both improve the look, as well as better protect it.

Of course, a major component of a quality screened in porch is the screen itself. Screen is what makes up the walls and door, and is usually in a state of disrepair over time. Screen begins to sag, becomes plagued with holes and other issues – both cosmetic and structural. Even the hardware may need mending or replacing.

On elevated porches, oftentimes the screen was not installed properly because the screen was not fastened under the deck-boards when being built. If the screen is not fastened under the deck-boards, insects will have easy access to your porch. When we replace your screen we will make sure that the screen is fastened under the deck-boards and we will replace the old trim with routered 1x4's.

If You Would Like To Get Back To Using Your Porch, It Is As Easy As Giving Our Team Of Experts A Call

The good news is that Elephant Exterior Cleaning Inc. is the local leading service provider for Exterior Cleaning Services. We believe in salvaging what already exists, whenever possible, in an effort to save you money as well as be more environmentally responsible. If you would like to get back to using your porch, it is as easy as giving our team of experts a call.

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